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A weekend as an Au Pair

Enjoying the Full Au Pair Experience ...making the most of the weekend


As an Au Pair, I have spent weekends both with my Aussie family and also without the family with my friends. 

I like to balance it out, I love spending time with my host family on the weekend and getting that unique insight of what it really is to be an Aussie. And then sometimes, I like to have some 'me' time and get out and experience what Perth and WA has to offer. I enjoy the time away from them, either by myself, but preferably with my friends that I made.

So, to give you a little bit of an idea what I like to do on the weekend I’ll tell you about my favourite weekend that I have had here so far with my friends!

There were four of us and we were all lucky that we could get the Friday afternoon off from work. Usually I do school pick up and stay with the kids till the parents get back, but this weekend I wanted to do a road trip with friends and my host parents made this happen for me. So at noon on Friday, we drove down to the Margaret River region, I love that place. On the way, down we did a lot of sightseeing, stopping in Bunbury, Dunsborough and enjoying the scenery while driving. We loved taking the time to explore everything, even if it take us a while to get there. 

By the time we arrived in Margaret River it was getting dark, so we quickly checked into the hostel and went into town after that. We had a little stroll through town to decide where to eat and ended up going to a pizza place, which had the best pizza’s, even better, we ordered 4 pizzas to share to that we could all taste the different pizza’s, it was awesome! After that we had a quiet evening, because that meant that we could have a proper night of sleep before going to Hamelin Bay in the morning to watch the Stingrays in the water, and hopefully have a swim with them.

So, next morning after going into town to get some breakfast, we made the trip further South to Hamelin Bay, a dream came true for me! At 9 am in the morning, still very cold down there, we saw a stingray in the water, and after that we decided to go for a swim which made us even more lucky, we ended up swimming with a huge Ray! It was the best experience! After that we took the tourist route north again and stopped at a few places to have a look at the scenery. We decided to skip the wineries, we did love the views that the wineries had but didn’t stop at them. We did stop at a chocolate factory of course, because that was something we really wanted to try out. In the evening, we had a nice dinner again, this time we cooked ourselves at the hostel, to save a little bit of money and the evening we spent having fun and have a few drinks at one of the pubs in town.

Stingrays in Hamelin Bay, Margaret River region

Stingrays in Hamelin Bay, Margaret River region


The next morning, we decided to explore the area north of Margaret River, so we visited Yallingup and the Leeuwin- Naturaliste National Park. We spent a lot of time at the Canal Rocks, just climbing the rocks, taking photos and enjoying the view. Definitely a spot where I could come back to any time. Today the weather was beautiful and it was time again to spend some time on the beach and go for a swim, this time it was later in the day and the water was amazing. It was a perfect afternoon on a Sunday. We had a quick look at the Leeuwin-Naturaliste light house and a few bays in the park and decided that we just needed to come back one day to explore more!

Leewin National Park

Leewin National Park

The drive back to Perth was nice, we didn’t take the tourist route this time, but took the quickest route. On the way, we stopped for some dinner and by the time we were back in Perth it was dark which meant that this incredible weekend was over… I absolutely loved this opportunity that being an Au Pair in Perth, Australia has provided me and can't wait to explore more of what this amazing place has to offer. 

If you are considering becoming an Au Pair after your studies, in your gap year or just for something different, then don’t hesitate! Get started on this awesome journey today.


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