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Aussie Au Pair Blog

My Au Pair Experience

And then I suddenly said, ‘Yes to a family’… My story about becoming an Au Pair ….


I was so excited when I decided to become an Au Pair, but a few thoughts did pop into my mind when looking for a family to be an Au Pair for, like …

…Now it will all be real.

…It is really going to happen.

…I am really going to Australia and become an Au Pair.

…I am going to say goodbye to my family and friends for at least 6 months, probably longer because I do want to travel after my placement.

….How, why, am I sure, what next…


All those questions popped into my mind. But then I thought ‘NO!’, I just have to go through with it, jump in the deep, get completely out of my comfort zone and go to the other side of the world.


And am I so glad that I have made this decision.


Being an Au Pair in Australia is the best choice I have made so far in my life. I absolutely love it and I think it is a fantastic experience and I want to share this with others and I want everyone else to experience the same thing.


Why you may think? …Well that is very easy, having a family on the other side of the world is amazing. I was one of the lucky ones of who my family came to pick me up from the airport. Even though I was exhausted after about a 24 hour journey, it was incredible to meet my family straight away. This made me feel very welcome and already part of the family even though we only chatted a few times via Skype.


The first days was mostly just settling in, getting over the jet lag and getting used to each other, this felt wonderful. I had lots of free time and the family took me out and showed me Perth. Of course, they also showed me the families routine and I learned what my duties and responsibilities were. I felt that I truly had the time to get used to being in Australia before starting my official duties. I must say that we chatted a lot the first week, I tried to spend as much time as possible with the family so that the transition from leaving my own family and being part of a new family was as easy as possible.


Yes, there were moments where things were a little bit awkward, my English wasn’t perfect so lots of laughs about that and we already noticed cultural differences where we chatted about. Expectations from both sides were made clear and this helped us move forward and created a stable basis for the Au Pair placement. The 6 months went by really quick, I can still remember the times I went to pick up the kids from school for the first time and the first time we went to the park. It also seems forever since it happened. It is really an amazing feeling looking back on my 6 months with the family.


Would I do it again? My answer for that is YES ABSOLUTLEY! I think this is the perfect way of exploring a culture and country. Travelling is a great way to do that,  and by really being in the family I felt part of the culture and that is what made it really special. I will love the family and treasure them for the rest of my lives.


In the future, I hope to come back and I even hope to invite them over to my home.


If you are considering becoming an Au Pair after your studies, in your gap year or just for something different, then don’t hesitate! Get started on this awesome journey today.


I went through an amazing agency called Aussie Au Pair services and they made the transition to being an Au Pair, such an amazing and enjoyable experience. Get in contact with them today at

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Loving the Au Pair Life