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Aussie Au Pair Blog

Lena's Au Pair story

One of our wonderful Au Pairs has taken the time to let us know about her experience so far as an Au Pair. This is what she had to say:

A little bit about me:

Hi everyone,

My name is Léna, I’m a French Au pair in Perth, currently living in a family of six.

I always wanted to learn speaking English ... and I’m not disappointed! I have been here for one month now and I can already see my progress.

Why did I come?

I decided to come in Australia because I wanted to prove myself that I can be independent far from my family and friends.

I need to admit that when the plane took off I was watching through the window with tears in my eyes and some apprehension but then I felt a big sensation of happiness and excitation in my tummy: I realized that I was going to live a big adventure.

How do I feel now?

And today I’m discovering myself and improving what I called my adult’s skills (patience, punctuality, firmness, organization, calmness) every day. Traveling is also discovering a new country which includes a new culture and another way of life. That’s is really enjoyable! And it’s fascinating. You get a chance to also rediscover your own culture by showing your cuisine or speaking your language to foreign people. I’m really proud of that!

What is my family like?

I talked enough about travelling, let’s talk about my wonderful family! I’m really happy living with this family because I feel useful helping the parents and taking care of the children. When I talk about the kids, people think, “Four children, it’s a lot”, and yes, it needs a little bit of organisation but then they like to help you and show you their skills. Not forgetting that they enjoy playing together, that way you don’t have to play with Transformers and dolls every time!

I take a great deal of pleasure looking after these kids and being their big sister. I felt totally part of the family only two weeks after my arrival, I think it’s thanks to the affection that the kids show me and because I feel free to talk about everything with the parents who are really in tune with me. I mean, I feel comfortable sitting with them on the couch for TV evening ... and for me that’s a definition of family!

Some advice from me:

Oh! And if I can give you some advice:

- Try to write down the new words that you learn every day, it’ll help you a lot improving your English.

- Don’t sleep during 20 hours after your arrival, you’re just going to be more tired (I’m speaking from experience).

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It is great to hear of these positive experiences from our Au Pairs!

If you are interested in being able to enjoy this style of travel, all while earning some pocket money and being immersed in the culture, then get in contact with us about being an Au Pair today! We would love to hear from you and look forward to being able to introduce you to all the fantastic things that Perth has to offer.



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