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Aussie Au Pair Blog

Why being an Au Pair is awesome!

Why being an Au Pair is awesome!

Do you love meeting new people? Are you interested in looking after children and travelling? Then Au Pairing might be just the thing for you.

We have two friends that are currently working in Perth and absolutely loving this experience that they have started together.

Here is what they have to say:

We are two girls & old friends who have travelled from Germany to experience Perth, Australia and the culture and beauty that it has to offer. We have been working for just over one month as an Au Pair in a small suburb that is very close to the beach and also to the city of Perth. The great thing about Perth is everything is so easily accessible and the beaches are amazing!

A little bit about us…

My name is Lena, I'm 20 years old and I'm living in a family with two lovely kids (a boy and girl). We all live in a lovely house with a beautiful garden and a pool. My host parents are very friendly & lovely and my host mum has always time for a joke or a funny story about her busy life. They are both very hard workers, so I'm very glad and happy to help them with their everyday life.

My name is Clara, I'm 19 years and living in a real Aussie family of three. It is great to be able to experience the Australia Culture and be really involved in their lives. I look after two easy going boys and live with their very lovely and busy mum. She tries to give me as much free time as possible which I appreciate being able to get out and explore my surroundings. The house is brand new and in a walking distance to the beach, shops and some bars. 

What our week looks like…

We work around 30 hours and have a lot of time to enjoy at the beach or for traveling around. At Weekends we are off and make the most of this opportunity to really enjoy beautiful Perth and all it has to offer.

During our time with the kids we have a lot of opportunities to do activities together. We often meet each other at the beach for a swim, in the park for a picnic or at the waterpark for a play on hot days. 

The kids loves to play together, which is great as during the time Lena and I can have a chat about our daily life or our next trip. 

Why we love it …

Being an Au Pair is a great opportunity to get to know the Australian lifestyle and culture, meet new people, improve your English skills and save money for your future traveling.

We are very happy that we made this decision and enjoy our life as an Au Pair. 

Cheers Lena and Clara ! 🙂

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It is great to hear of these positive experiences from our Au Pairs!

If you are interested in being able to enjoy this style of travel, all while earning some pocket money and being immersed in the culture, then get in contact with us about being an Au Pair today! We would love to hear from you and look forward to being able to introduce you to all the fantastic things that Perth has to offer.



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