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Attadale Au Pair wanted ASAP

A family living in Attadale is looking for their second Au Pair to be part of the family. The first experience was that good that they want to continue inviting Au Pairs into their homes and family. 

The family
For a lovely family of three, the host mum and her two children, we are looking for their second Female Au Pair to become part of their lives. They had a wonderful first experience and can’t wait to continue having Au Pairs and to keep on sharing their home and live with someone new. The parents are divorced, and the children are living with the mum at the moment. The oldest goes to school full time and the youngest attends kindy 2.5 days a week. Both children are very active. 

Reason for having an Au Pair
Before the family had their first Au Pair they were not sure how the situation could benefit both the family and the Au Pair. It was scary to invite someone into their home, but it turned out to be amazing. The children love having someone to play with and to be at home when they want. For the family the benefits are having the flexibility of planning activities afters school for the children on whichever day of the week, having an other adult part of their lives to exchange culture with. For the Au Pair they notice that they love it to be part of an Australian family to improve their English and to really get an understanding and feeling of the culture. 

Your duties are around the children’s schedule for school. When the youngest is at home from school you will spend the day with him and do school drop off and pick up for the oldest one. Besides this you will assist with general house hold duties, like the children’s washing, general tidy and packing away toys and make sure the kitchen is clean after use. You are able to do activities with the youngest when he is home from school to both have a great day. Every day you will have a different schedule, but they are mainly set in weeks so every week will be similar unless something changes which the mum will discuss with you. 

The neighbourhood
The family lives in Attadale, which is south of the river of the city centre and close to Fremantle. Just around the corner of the house is a bus stop that will bring you either to the city centre, train station or Fremantle. It is a very convenient location with lots of activities close by including the river within walking distance. 

For you
The family will offer you full room and board in exchange for your assistance. You will have your own little apartment downstairs that has a separate entrance. The apartment exists out of a bedroom, bathroom, lounge and little kitchenette. You are always welcome to spend time in the main house as well with the children and the mum. You can also use all other facilities of the house like the WIFI, the pool and everything else. 

The family is looking for
The mum is looking for someone who will truly become part of their family. She would love it if someone would like to have dinner together and hang out in the evenings, but of course she would like for the Au Pair to have a personal live outside of the family as well and she will support the Au Pair in that. The children and the mum would like to find an Au Pair who likes to play with them, who helps the oldest with her homework, who will provide the children with healthy snacks and meals (together with the mum). Also, someone who is mature and understands her responsibilities and importance of her duty in looking after the children. The age of the suitable candidate doesn’t matter as long as the previous is there in the Au Pair. If you would have your drivers licence that would be a bonus. To perform your duties you don’t necessarily need to drive unless you would like to use the car for activities with the children.

Corrie Pauwels