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Port Kennedy Au Pair wanted 2018

For a family of 5 in Port Kennedy we are looking for their next Au Pair to become part of their family. The family has had multiple Au Pairs in the past and love the benefits of having an Au Pair as part of their family. 

The family
The family exists out of 5 people, the mum, the dad and their three girls. The girls are all going full time to school and enjoy having activities after school. The three girls are very close and get on well with each other. The oldest girl has an Autism Disorder and Anxiety, usually everything goes really well with her and she absolutely loves having an Au Pair. There are a few things that she might struggle with, like changes in schedule or new things, but with the right guidance this goes really well. The dad works away from home, which means that one week he is away and the next week he is at home. This gives you as their Au Pair lots of flexibility as well when the dad is home. 

Reason for having an Au Pair
With the dad working away from home it is challenging for the mum to organise the children and her work. Having an Au Pair means for the family that the children can go home after school or go on an adventure. The parents absolutely love this flexibility. When the dad is home from work he will do most of the school drop offs and picks up but it would be nice to still have the general assistance in the house and for the parents to be able to go on a date night. 

With all children going full time to school your duties will be around school hours, this means that you will assist with the morning and afternoon routine including school drop off and pick up. There are some afternoon activities for the children, but mainly you can take the girls out on an activity afterschool and have fun together. It would be great if you can assist the children with their homework as well and help prepare dinner if the mum isn’t going to be home on time for that. Besides this, general house hold duties to make sure the house stays tidy and any mess from the day will be cleaned. 

The family lives 40 minutes south of Perth in Port Kennedy. If you love the beach and ocean this is a perfect location. The family lives only a couple of hundred metres away from a beach where dogs are allowed to go as well. It is always packed there with people, dogs and families. In this area are lots of other Au Pairs as well for you to connect with. 

For you…
The family will offer you full room and board with pocket money in exchange for your assistance. On the weeks where the dad is home from work you will still receive your normal amount of pocket money even when this means that you are working less. You will have your own bedroom and shared bathroom with the children. You will also have excess to the internet, tv and all other facilities that the house has to offer. On the weekends you are most welcome to join family activities, occasionally the family goes out on the boat and when there is enough space you would be able to have that adventure as well. 

The family is looking for
The family is looking for an Au Pair who will be part of the family and who would like to join us on family outings. We absolutely understand that you need time for yourself as well and will help you with creating your own social network! Also, an Au Pair who understands the needs of three children with different interests and someone who can be flexible with the needs of the family. 

If you have any questions regarding this family their previous Au Pair would love to chat with you and answer them. She had the benefit of spending a few days with the previous Au Pair before her so that they could share their knowledge. 

If you would like to know more about us, we would love to have a chat with you! Please email us at

Corrie Pauwels