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Brookdale Au Pair wanted 2018

For a family living in Brookdale, Perth we are looking for an Au Pair to become part of the family. 

The family
The family exists out of three people, the mum, the dad and their gorgeous little girl of almost two years old. The dad works full time and sometimes has to work away from home for a few days till a maximum of 2 weeks at a time. The mum does shift work of 6 days on and 6 days off. The family is very close and active. When the parent(s) are home they are trying to do lots of activities with the little one to keep her active and happy. 

Reason of having an Au Pair
With the full-on work schedule of both parents at work the family noticed that it is difficult to combine everything and still offer as much stability as possible for the little one. Using day care, the help of parents and other babysitters hasn’t been great for the family. The family is looking forward to having their little one more at home and having someone around who can offer this stability for their little one. 

Brookdale is a little bit further away from the city centre of Perth, but really close to several great parks. Even though the family is located further away from Perth, they are living in a beautiful area with lots of activities for you to do in your free time. Their living close to lots of nature walks, a lake and botanical garden. The family lives close to the train station with a direct line to the city centre of Perth.

Since the dad and mum are both working full time in different rosters, the roster and duties of the Au Pair would be in line with the mums roster so that there is stability for everyone in the household. You would be required to look after the little girl and make sure she’s a happy, healthy and active. The family will provide a car for you that you can use to undertake activities with the little one. With you following the mums schedule you would be working 6 days on and then have 6 days off, this gives you lots of opportunities to explore Perth and environment. The 6 days that you would work are long days, where you follow the daily routine of the little one and on your free days you are free to do as you please. Of course, you’re always welcome to spend time with the family. 

For you
The family will provide you with your own bedroom, shared bathroom with the little one, own television if you wanted and full room and board. The car is also available for you during your time off, so that you can make the most of your stay in Australia and explore Perth and surroundings. 

The family is looking for
The family is looking for a mature, outgoing and friendly Female Au Pair to become the big sister of a gorgeous little girl. Someone who can stay 6 months or longer, who becomes part of their family and would love to join in on family activities. As the families Au Pair they want you to feel free to undertake activities with the little one and make her world bigger as well. Someone who is confident in driving is definitely necessary here. If you’re not used to driving on the left side of the road yet, the family will help you learn this. The family is very easy going and would really like someone to become a member of their family for the rest of their lives.



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