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Mount Claremont Au Pair wanted 2018

A warm family of 4 is looking for their very first Au Pair to become part of their family and give them a wonderful Au Pair experience and time in Australia. 

The family
The family exists out of 4 people, the mum, dad and their two children that are a 7 year old boy and 2 year old girl. The parents spend as much quality time as possible with the children besides dealing with their demanding jobs and the household. The mum works full time and makes long days, she’ll always thy to be there in the evening to read to her children and spend time with them before they go to bed. At the moment the dad works 3 days a week and he is looking into the option of working full time if everything works out with the Au Pair. Both children are very active and like to play outside, going to the park and they love board games. The 2 year old is very sociable and chatty, she will love having an Au Pair to play with and to show the Au Pair around. The 7 year old is a little bit shy and with him it takes some time for him to open up to new people, which is completely normal. The 7 year old goes full time to school and the 2 year old goes to day care 3 days a week. On the weekend the family rewinds from a busy week and engages in activities with the kids and/or with friends and family. The grandparents are a huge part of the families live as well and they would like to include the Au Pair as much as possible as well. 

Reason of having an Au Pair
The main reason for the family to have an Au Pair is so that the children can relax in the morning before school/day care and that they can go home after school/day care. At the moment this isn’t possible. The family believes that both children will be happier to be able to go home and play or relax or do an activity with an Au Pair then afterschool care or long days at day care. Besides that the family likes the idea of having another person living with that to share their culture with and for someone to teach the children about their culture. 

As the Au Pair in the family you’ll mainly be helping with before and after school care for the children. In the mornings you’ll help with getting the children ready for school and day care and even have a play with them if there is enough time for that. After school you can either go on an adventure with the children, or when the children are tired you can take them home and relax there. Every day will be different with the options of what you can and would like to do and the family is open for the children to learn new things. When the dad starts working full time you’ll have two full days a week with the 2 year old, who most likely be 3 years old then. This means that you can have days filled with fun and activities, with some quiet time as well. The parents would also really like it if you as their Au Pair gives them the opportunity to go out on a date or to have one-on-one time with one of the children. This all doesn’t happen much and they are looking forward to the opportunity to do this. This might mean for you that their will be some evenings babysitting included in this position as well. 

The neighbourhood
The family lives in the beautiful suburb of Mount Claremont which is very close to the beach and to the city. Public transport is close by the bus only 200m away and the train station 2km away, where there is a shopping area as well. The family will have a bicycle available full time for you, so that you can go in your free time wherever you want. If you have your licence and are a good driver, then the use of a car is possible. But that even isn’t always necessary with the bike trail that goes all the way to the beach from their house.  

For you
The family will offer you full room and board with weekly pocket money in exchange for your help. You will have your own bedroom and sort of own bathroom. In theory the children use the bathroom as well, but they prefer to use the parents one so you are very lucky. Besides that you can use all the facilities of the house including a pool, BBQ area, WiFi and Netlfix. The family would love to accommodate your needs as much as possible and they are happy for you to give input in how you would like your room to be. The house has a separate entrance besides the gate and front door, which you can use when you come in when the children are sleeping, the gate is pretty noisy. You will be included in the family and are welcome to join them on activities. The family will support you as well in getting your own social network and going on adventures with them. The family wants you to have the best time of your live as their Au Pair and while you are in Perth. They know what Perth has to offer and will share the best spots to go with you. 

The family is looking for
The parents number one priority is that they are looking for an Au Pair who doesn’t just love children but adores them and wants them to be safe and happy at all times, even go the extra mile to make sure that this is the case. They would like to have an Au Pair who has a kind, friendly and nice personality. Someone who is very good with children and understands that children can be difficult as well, so someone with patience is desirable as well. For the family it is also important that you as their Au Pair understands what living in a different house means, that you are helping out as a family member with the household as well, mainly just cleaning up after yourself and helping the kids with doing the same.

For this position you do not need a drivers licence. Day care and school are within walking distance which only means that it would be good if your healthy and physically fit so that you can walk with a pram the 700m to school. The mum has Coeliac, which means that the entire house hold is gluten free. They would be happy to have normal bread for the Au Pair, but other shared meals will be gluten free. Luckily this doesn’t have any less of a flavour and you’ll be learning how to prepare gluten free bread. That you as Au Pair is able to cook or enjoy cooking would be amazing. The parents will be home late afternoon, and would like the Au Pair to be able to prepare meals so that they can all have dinner together, or the children first when the parents are late.If you are an Au Pair from Germany or Japan the family would love to help you with their English while you help them with their German or Japanese. The mum speaks German really well and the dad and son have basic knowledge of Japanese. They think the opportunity of having an Au Pair from either one of these countries would be beneficial to maintain the language easier. 

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