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Beaconsfield Au Pair wanted 2019

After 2 successful placements to cover 2018 and the beginning of 2019 the family is already on the look out for their next Au Pair to start with the family around April/May 2019. The reason the family is so early with their search is because they would love for their children to have Au Pairs for the next few years and they want to be organised in time. 

A lovely family living in Beaconsfield, only minutes away from Fremantle, is looking for their next Au Pair. The family has been playing with the idea of having an Au Pair for a while now and have started with having an Au Pair in June 2018, in stead of asking family and friends to help out with school pick ups in the afternoon. This has been such a success that they want to continue this. 

The Family
The family exists out of 4 people, the mum and dad and two lovely girls of 6 and 7 years old. Besides this the family owns a dog and chickens that love cuddles as much as the children do. Both children go full time to school, which is about a 20 minute drive away from the house. Both parents work, the mum full time and the dad part time at the moment. The children are very healthy and active girls and they like to stay busy. They’ve got a large back yard where the children can swim, use the trampoline, the monkey bars and play in the cubby that soon will be there arts and crafts room. The family is currently doing some renovations in the garden to have everything up to date and to give the girls even more room to play. 

Reason of wanting to have an Au Pair
The family has heard of Au Pairs already for years and years and have thought of inviting someone into their home for a while as well. The reason why they haven’t done it sooner is because they’ve always had friends and family helping out on the three days that the dad works. But now that the children are going full time to school, the dad is working full time as well and then an Au Pair would be perfect for the girls to have stability. The children will be picked up from school by the same person, doing activities with the person and having fun in their home environment.

As the families Au Pair your duties will be around school time, which means in the morning and in the afternoon. You would assist with getting the children ready for school, lunchboxes, school drop off and then in the afternoon school pick up, after school activities, homework and dinner. Besides that you can plan yourself when you would like to do the washing of the children and tidy up the kitchen/living area after the morning rush. There is a lot of flexibility for duties. Both girls are very independent and have their own chores as well and they’ll help you out with a lot of things. 

The area where the family is living is absolutely amazing, it is very conveniently located near Fremantle which means that you can go there all the time. The house is also very close to a sports park with play ground where lots of people exercise, enjoy the sunshine and catch up with each other. There is public transport close by as well that goes into Fremantle, which is the quickest way of getting on the train into the city or to a different beach.

For you…
The family will not just treat you as their own daughter and invite you into their family, they will provide you with full room and board in your own granny flat at the back of the house. This means that you will have your own bedroom with private bathroom. The room is big enough to have a little relaxing area as well. You’ll be supplied with Air-conditioning in the room, WIFI and a tv as minimum. Besides that, you are always welcome to use the house as well and spend time there with the family or on your own. The family has a pool that of course you can use and will help the girl get rid of some energy after school, same as the trampoline. Besides that, you will have a car to your availability for your duties with the girls and most of the time in your free time as well.

The family is looking for…
What the family would really like is to have an Au Pair who is not just supervising the children and making sure that they have something to eat and are safe, but someone who enjoys spending time with the girls and take them on activities after school. The beach is close by which the girls absolutely love to go after school, there are various parks to go to, especially since you have the car you can do lots of activities with the children besides spending time at home. Of course, there still needs to be home work done and the children can be tired, so they would like to relax at home, but the family is looking for someone who can give the girls a balance in activities and relaxing time after school. The family definitely needs someone who is a confident driver, the family will give you time to get used to drive on the left side if you are not used to that yet and they will fully support you in this. The family would love to have an Au Pair who is interested in the family live of Australians, they don’t just want to share their culture with you but would love to learn about your culture as well. The girls are already excited about learning a new language and trying out different cultural habits. The family will support you with developing your own social network and will always invite you to their outings as well. 

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