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Tuart Hill Au Pair wanted 2019

After a successful placement till early 2019 with an Au Pair, the family is looking for their next Au Pair to become part of their family in 2019.

A lovely family of 3 is looking for their next Au Pair to become part of the family. The mum needs help with her kids while she is at work and with the evening routine to make sure everything goes smoothly.

The family
The family exists out of 3 people, a single mum with her two daughters. The oldest, 7 years old, goes to school full time and the youngest attends Pre Kindy and day care during the week. You will have one full day with the youngest, 4 years old, so that both of you can have a lovely day together. Another member of the family is the families dog, he is 10 years old and gets along really well with the children. The children are very active and love going on adventures after school. The children enjoy having another person living with them and see them as their big sister.

Reason of having an Au Pair
The mum needs the assistance of an Au Pair to organise the children mainly after school. She could use other ways of making sure the children are looked after when she is at work, but most of the children’s live they have been at home after school so she wants to continue this so an Au Pair for her is the perfect solution. The mum is co-owner of a business so tries to be as flexible as possible with her hours and tries to work from home as well, however this isn’t always possible so having care for the children at their own home is great for her.

You will mainly assist the mum in the afternoons after school/day care and on Wednesday a whole day, with the youngest, and on Friday the morning to give an extra hand around the house when the children are at school/day care. You have to help the oldest with her homework after school and help out with dinner for the children a few days a week. On the day you’ll help out with the household is more tidying up and doing a quick clean so that everything looks nice again. Other then that during the week it’s assisting the children with tidying up after themselves and of course keep the house a bit organised, for example clean up after you use the kitchen.

You will need a drivers licence for this position in order to pick up the kids and go to after school activities or on adventures with them.

Over the school holidays the mum might need some more help from you, when the oldest is home. The youngest often still goes to day care during the holidays so it’s great to have the one-on-one with the oldest on the those days. The holidays are usually packed with lots of great activities and adventures, the family tries to do something every day.

The neighbourhood
The family lives in Tuart Hill which is a suburb just north of the city centre, east of Scarborough, this means that you will be close to the beach and the city. There is public transport close by, however you can use the car all the time so that will bring you to wherever you want to go. There is a park within walking distance that has a large oval and a playground, it’s one of the parks the children love to go to.

For you
The family will offer you full room and board with pocket money in exchange for your assistance with the children and around the house. If you would do extra hours then you’ll be paid for that. You will have your own double bedroom at the back of the house, which gives you a lot of privacy from the other bedrooms in the house, excellent for a sleep in on your fee day. You have your own ensuite with the bedroom, which currently has a toilet only and lots of storage.

You will have the car available for you to use the whole time, the family has two cars so one is completely for you to use. You will have the opportunity to get used to traffic in Perth before taking the kids out or driving alone, the mum will give you all the time you need for this. The mum understands that if you are not used to driving on the left side of the road it is different and it needs some time to get used to it.

The family is looking for
The family is looking for an Au Pair that will become part of the family, that will go out on adventures with the children and that understands that children aren’t always easy. The children are overall very lovely, but like all children when tired/hungry or just testy they can be difficult as well. The family is looking for someone who is responsible, mature, patient, hands on with the children and flexible with the family’s needs.

If this sounds like the right family for you, please contact us! We are looking forward to find an amazing Au Pair to spend time with the girls!