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How can we assist with the recruitment process?

How can we assist with the recruitment process?


How can we assist with the recruitment process?

In instances where your family lives outside of Perth or requires specific duties e advise considering an Additional Levy:

For example ...

- If you are located in an area that is a bit out of the way 

- You are unable to provide and Au Pair with set hours each week because of work commitments

- If you have children below the age of 2

- You require more hours than 30 each week

- You will require your Au Pair to work every weekend

You may like to consider adding an extra levy to your base payment for your Au Pair. An example of this would be:

·         An extra $50 standard a week if you are based in and area more than 20km from the CBD or with limited public transport.

·         $50 standard extra a week to cover compulsory weekend hours or hours not being set in stone each week if you are a relief worker

·         An extra $50 standard pocket money because the responsibilities and intensity of looking after a child below the age of 2 are much higher for the Au Pair

·         If you consistently require an Au Pair for 40 Hours a week offer an extra $100 straight up!

·         Till out the family profile form with as much details as possible. Au Pairs select a family based on the family profile form.

·         Provide photos of your family. It would be great if you could send us multiple photos of your family, of your house and of the environment/area where you live in.

·         Also, activities that you would like to undertake with the Au Pair and the way you would exchange the culture are great to be mentioned upfront to the Au Pair.

·         Au Pairs prefer to know as much as possible on what their experience with a family will be before deciding to be their Au Pair or even before deciding to chat with a potential Host Family. It’s best to be upfront in order for us to be able to match you with the best Au Pair for your family.


None of the above is compulsory, it is only one of our suggestions in the current environment. 


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