Aussie Au Pair Services


How long does it typically take for you to source Au Pairs?

Generally, we require at least 8 weeks’ notice to find an Au Pair for your family, it depends on your needs as a family and your personal time frame. The more time you give us to find an Au Pair, the more choice you will have. 

Au Pairs are very hot property for Australian families at the moment and consequently there is a shortage of Au Pairs nationwide due to the demand for them as a cheaper alternative to childcare. Therefore we recruit specifically for each family, having conducted a thorough needs analysis with you first. This means that we can search for an Au Pair that will be a great match for you and your family. However, this is time intensive and we cannot guarantee that we will find you a suitable Au Pair immediately. 

We are very much a bespoke agency. This means that we don't have a massive backlog of Au Pairs, all waiting to be matched with any Host Family we take on. We do attract new Au Pairs on a daily basis, however we like to ensure suitability.

The matching process is highly time-intensive to ensure that the Au Pair matches the needs of your family, and that you are the family that will suit the profile the Au pair has given us. Most Au Pairs are living in their respective home country while we are matching them with their Host Families.