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What if the Au Pair decides to leave early?

What if the Au Pair decides to leave early?


What happens in the event the Au Pair decides to leave early?  Will you assist with finding a replacement without financial cost to us if it is their choice?

If the Au Pair decides to leave early, and the family is not at fault, we will endeavour to find you a replacement at no cost to you. The Au Pairs do not often leave before the time is up, unless there is a problem with the family. Also, we carry out an extensive interview/matching process to ensure that the Au Pair is suitable for your family.

Do you have an ‘emergency care’ service if an Au Pair is required to or has to leave suddenly?

In this instance we would aim to recruit you another Au Pair as soon as possible. We run a network of Perth Au Pairs, and we would try and offer you a number of babysitting options from within this network in the meantime. All the Au Pairs in the network have been interviewed and vetted by us so we would guarantee that they would be suitable to babysit for you. Obviously these Au Pairs currently work for other families, however they are always after extra hours and we would do our best to work something out for you in the meantime.

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