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What visa do I need?

What visa do I need?

What visa do I need and how do I get one?

Have you got your Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417 or 462) yet? Do you need help applying for it? 

You will need at least $5000 in your bank account when you enter the country. This Visa is possible for people in the age of 18 till 30.


You have to be from one of the following eligible countries to apply for the visa:

VISA 462                                                             VISA 417

§  Argentina                                                        Belgium

§  Bangladesh                                                    Republic of Cyprus

§  Chile                                                                Denmark

§  China, People’s Republic of                         Estonia

§  Hungary                                                          Finland

§  Indonesia                                                       France

§  Israel                                                               Germany

§  Luxembourg                                                  Hong Kong

§  Malaysia                                                         Republic of Ireland

§  Poland                                                            Italy

§  Portugal                                                          Japan

§  San Marino                                                    Republic of Korea

§  lovak Republic                                            Malta

§  Slovenia                                                         Netherlands

§  Spain                                                               Norway

§  Thailand                                                          Sweden

§  Turkey                                                             Taiwan

§  United States of America                            United Kingdom

§  Uruguay                                                         

§  Vietnam                                                         


Click below for some general information:


Find the online application below:


The Working Holiday Visa 462 has additional requirements that are different per country. It is important for you to find out if you are able to meet the requirements.


Another option for a Visa is a Student Visa

With the Student Visa you need to follow a full time study (a minimum of 20 hours a week classes). With this Visa you’re allowed to work 20 hours a week. A lot of people are a Demi-Pair when studying, this is a lower number of hours helping out a family, which makes it possible to get another job. Remember that as a student you are responsible for all the costs that are related to the student visa and the studies.


If you need any further information regarding your visa application, or you would like assistance with the application, then please email for more information. 



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