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Will I need insurance?

Will I need insurance?

Will I need insurance?

It is highly advisable that au pairs have a valid travel, health, accident and personal liability insurance during their stay in their host country.

Foreign citizens are not covered by the Australian national health insurance. This means that, in case of illness, the au pair bears the expenses for medical treatment and hospitalisation. Persons, who enter Australia on a temporary visa, are generally not entitled to health treatment in this country. (Exception: citizens from Belgium, Finland, Great Britain, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Ireland and New Zealand. Citizens of these countries can receive treatment through their country’s reciprocal health care agreement with Australia, entitling them to use the public health service, if necessary. However, they are not entitled to claim any further benefits.)

The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship recommends that au pairs take advantage of the Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC) throughout their entire stay in Australia. It usually covers the cost of hospitalisation for medical reasons and part of the practioner's fee.

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You can obtain this insurance cover from health insurance or general insurance companies in Australia. However, they can also take out insurance with an insurance company outside of Australia.


A lot of countries have special insurances for Backpackers/Au Pairs. The special insurances are mostly a travel insurance and health insurance combined. Usually those insurances cover a lot more than normal travel insurances. We recommend you to look into these insurances that you can get in your own country!

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