Aussie Au Pair Services


Will the Au Pair have an international drivers license?

If you require your Au Pair to have a driving license, then we will recruit with that in mind. Not all girls who apply to be Au pairs have driving licenses, so this may limit the number of candidates available. It is also recommended their driving is assessed by a qualified Australian Driving instructor prior to driving. After all many Au Pairs are used to driving on the right side of the road if they are from counties such as France, Germany or the USA.

It is the responsibility of the Host Family to assess the driving ability of the Au Pair before granting permission to operate a vehicle. Please be aware that most Au Pairs come from right-hand-side traffic countries. Also please be mindful that some Au Pairs, depending of their home country, don't have experience with driving manual or automatic cars.

If the Au Pair is required to use a motor vehicle, the Host Family will provide vehicle insurance coverage for the Au Pair and to have the Au Pair listed as a driver on the insurance policy of all vehicles that the Au Pair will use.

The Host Family agrees to limit any claim against the Au Pair for uninsured damages resulting in the negligent operation of a motor vehicle to a maximum of AUD$1,000. In the event of an insurance claim, the Host Family will be responsible for paying any excess relating to the claim. The Host Family will be liable to pay 100% of any damages if the Au Pair is not listed on the vehicle’s insurance cover.

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